Jargon Watch: Phrases to Retire & Ones to Adopt

Posted by Julie Jares

May 8, 2014

When you work at an agency—and a marketing agency, no less—your exposure to a range of companies and industries puts you in a perfect position to discover words and phrases that have entered the lexicon (or in some cases, re-entered the lexicon). Given Tendo’s roster of technology clients, we get an extra dose of tech slang, making us feel like we’re at the jargon epicenter sometimes.

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Jargon ex machina: The midyear quiz

Posted by Jillian Kurvers

June 21, 2012

Jargon ex machina (n.): A quiz wherein you test your knowledge of clever tech and general workplace jargon and just like that, all of your midyear woes are solved!

Welcome to another edition of Jargon Watch, Tendo's periodic column featuring objectionable words, phrases, or, as they say, "lingo" we're hearing in person and around the Web.

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26 jargon words to avoid (like the plague)

Posted by Tendo Communications

May 12, 2009

Buzzwords.  Corporate cliches.  Jargon.  It's difficult to resist peppering these little turns-of-the-tongue into your documents, speeches, and everyday life.  And that's fine.  Everyone enjoys a little spice on the main course.  But not all spice is created equally, nor should you add a liberal dash of jargon into everything you do.  You can ruin the flavor of your creations and, stopping the metaphor right here, lame jargon makes you sound like you have nothing better to say than the same, stale, repeated phrases.
But what separates good jargon from bad jargon?  It's difficult to come up with a definitive rule or principle that can guide your path through the warzone of trite phrases.  So how about a trial-by-fire?  Below is a list of the top 26 words and phrases that should be eliminated from the English language--or, at the very least, eliminated from your vocabulary.  Read them.  Study them.  Excise them.
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