Email marketing: Not sexy, but effective

Posted by Siobhan Nash

April 16, 2012

A recent study by Social Media Examiner revealed that email marketing tops the list of non-social media marketing activities B2B marketers are focused on this year. In fact, 61 percent of marketers plan on increasing their email marketing efforts in the near future.

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Topics: Social Media, Demand Generation, Email Marketing

Content strategy is not always UX

Posted by Linda Leung

April 10, 2012

You're at a new restaurant and you've just ordered your meal. The decor looks fabulous, the host was friendly and warm, and the wait staff is attentive but not pushy. Your first course arrives and the presentation is superb. You take your first bite—and ugh! It’s not what you expected at all. Maybe it’s bland and tasteless or perhaps it’s too heavily seasoned.  The second course is even worse. You choose not to stay for dessert. What a disappointment. All the beautiful presentation and ambience couldn’t make up for the lousy food.

And maybe we’re not talking about restaurants—maybe we’re talking about websites. You know the sites:  beautifully designed, easy to navigate, but the content doesn’t taste that good.

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Topics: Content Strategy

Every story needs a hero

Posted by Bill Golden

April 9, 2012

My colleague Leslie Ayers recently blogged about how social media is the modern, digital form of storytelling. She references Edward Boches, an innovation lead at ad agency Mullen, who predicts a shift in importance from the social graph (what people know), to the interest graph (what people like). Leslie points out that as the interest graph becomes more important, “we must reengage our storytelling instincts.”

I totally agree. Appealing to people’s interests is the key to good storytelling. It’s also the key to effective content marketing. So what are the elements that make up a good story? And how can you convince your customers to share these stories?

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Topics: Content Marketing, Content Strategy

Want social engagement? Think visual

Posted by Jillian Kurvers

April 5, 2012

B2B companies are learning quickly that visual social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are for more than just retailers of “beautiful” things. (Though who’s to say this isn’t beautiful?) They’re effective branding tools, regardless of what’s for sale and how well it photographs.

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Topics: Social Media, Interactive Media

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