A social strategy for customer service

Posted by Siobhan Nash

January 31, 2012

Increasingly, companies are turning to social media channels like Twitter to address customer service issues. As a real-time customer touch point, social networks provide a great opportunity to keep a current customer loyal or win over prospective customers by responding quickly to their questions and complaints. However, does that mean a company should or needs to respond to every customer Facebook post and tweet? A recent eMarketer article suggests no, companies "don't need to respond to every ounce of negative buzz." The article suggests letting other customers (or brand advocates) address some of the problems.

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Topics: Social Media, Content Strategy

How do you measure Facebook engagement?

Posted by Brian McDonough

January 13, 2012

An interesting look at Facebook fan engagement ran on recently. A writer took a look at the highly successful fan pages of Lady Gaga and Rhianna. The two singers each have nearly 50 million likes, meaning that if their fan bases were combined, they would constitute (according to my in-depth research) the world’s 12th-largest nation. Business2Community teases out a few tips about how to reach your fans via Facebook, the most interesting being that status updates, favored by Gaga, generate considerably more engagement than links (preferred by Rhianna). The article left me wondering, though, about how to take the concept of fan page “engagement” to a deeper level. Which led me to open up a whole can of statistical whoop-ass on myself.

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The gift of mobile: better design

Posted by Brian McDonough

January 13, 2012

My colleague Linda Leung recently posted about the idea that “personalized magazines” could become a way to deliver content to your target audience. She mentions Flipboard as an example of compelling mag-format design, and she’s right—Flipboard is simple and elegant, and the format alone motivates me to spend more time checking out its wide range of content. I have even recommended the app to total strangers. (It was not as creepy as it sounds.)

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Content curation: the next phase

Posted by Linda Leung

January 9, 2012

 With the plethora of content that's available these days, content curation is becoming a useful way to help filter the noise so we consume only the content that's useful to us. In recent months, three tablet computer-based content curation tools have been making headlines: Flipboard for the iPad, Zite for the iPad and Google Currents. As these tools become popular, it's worth considering if and how content marketers can leverage them.

The key to these tools—also known as content hubs, news readers, personalized news aggregators/magazines/publishing platforms, and social reading platforms—is integration. They enable users to select from a variety of content producers—mostly traditional magazines and newspapers, as well as social networks—and allow users to view and access this content from a single platform.

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