The Secret to Creating Content that Resonates

Posted by Liz Eva

October 9, 2014

The efficacy of traditional outbound marketing channels is in decline. As a result, savvy B2B marketers have turned to inbound tactics to provide customers with compelling, relevant, valuable content. But the question is: How do you know if your content is compelling?

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Putting Thought in Your Thought Leadership Content

Posted by Julie Jares

October 9, 2014

Thought leadership content is not just about sharing ideas. It’s about offering a credible, well-reasoned, and occasionally provocative point of view on topics your audiences care—or should care—about. Not for the purpose of making the quick sale, but to start conversations, impart a vision, and engage others. You can use it to position your company as a potential valued partner or your executives as influential authorities in their fields, but in the end, it’s about building trust and relationships. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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Refresh a Content Marketing Program in 6 Steps

Posted by Brian McDonough

October 9, 2014

Marketing programs often have short shelf lives. They spring up around a product, an initiative, a new corporate slogan (“We’re all about value!”), and a year later (or less), there’s a new product, with a new slogan (“We’re all about innovation!”). In our increasingly connected and interactive world, shutting down a campaign and its related social channels is harder and less desirable. It's much easierand wiserto refresh that existing effort.

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Video: The New Offer Content

Posted by Bill Golden

October 8, 2014

Video plays a number of important roles across the demand generation cycle. It can drive people to gated assets, be a component of lead-nurture streams, or complement and enhance primary offer content like e-books and virtual events. But it could also be the offer content if you follow these three steps.

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9 Tips for Managing LinkedIn Company Pages

Posted by Andrea Leptinsky

September 9, 2014

I spend the bulk of my time managing LinkedIn company pages for two drastically different clients: one is a boutique branding consultancy, and the other is one of the largest tech companies in the world. Although the size of these organizations differ greatly, I still approach them with the same principles in mind. 

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Make sure your brand voice carries

Posted by John Dorsey

September 9, 2014

Are you maximizing the impact of your brand’s voice to leave a lasting impression? Every interaction you have with prospective customers or long-time contacts is part of an ongoing conversation, and it’s important to make consistent use of your voice to strengthen that bond. Here are three simple steps to optimizing your brand’s voice for maximum effect.

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5 ways to get the most out of your content marketing agency

Posted by Christine Zender

September 5, 2014

At Tendo, we work with a range of clients—from those just dipping their toes into content marketing to companies with sophisticated content marketing machines. Whether we're helping them optimize an existing content marketing campaign or start a new one from scratch, we've found that there are a few common traits that all successful content programs share.

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