3 Social media mistakes that can sink your online influence

Posted by Liz Eva

August 11, 2014

Whether you're an expert on mindfulness, productivity, Cloud or Big Data, raising your online influence can help establish you as a thought leader and burnish your company's reputation. But if you go about it the wrong way, you can inadvertently alienate the very people you're trying to win over.

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The Evolution of Social Media Metrics

Posted by Selena Welz

August 11, 2014

Does size matter? When it comes to social media metrics, not as much as it used to. Success in social used to be measured by followers and likes, numbers that indicate the size of your audience. Many brands these days, however, are looking for more sophisticated and enlightening metrics, such as engagement and conversion. 

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Topics: Content Metrics and Analytics, Social Media, Content Strategy

How can you inspire content developers?

Posted by Linda Leung

August 8, 2014

You're familiar with creative briefs—those documents with market, product, and persona information that advertising types use to craft memorable campaigns. As B2B marketers begin creating multiasset campaigns with a variety of content developers, it's helpful for all involved to use a creative brief to help formulate ideas for everything from social media updates to website content and sales collateral. We've helped clients create and use these documents. We call them content briefs.

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Twitter: Are you using the right images?

Posted by Aisha Farooq

July 7, 2014

When it comes to social media, research shows that 44 percent of users are more likely to engage with brands that post photos as opposed to brands that don't. As a result, B2B marketers are increasingly using images to deliver their messages. And with Twitter's recent additions of GIFs and photo collages, the need to think visually and tell compelling stories with images is all the more important if your social media marketing efforts are going to stay relevant.

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Video Review: Plantronics' Motion Graphics Make the Abstract Real

Posted by Bill Golden

July 7, 2014

Rating: ****

Software is difficult to visualize. Its very purpose, in essence, is to work without being noticed. So how do you show how software works in a video?

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Event Content: 10 Tips to Increase ROI

Posted by Steve Middleton

July 3, 2014

According to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, events are the most effective content marketing tactic. They’re also a goldmine for content that can be leveraged and repurposed to drive engagement and demand. But to ensure your event content continues to add value, you need a plan.

Use these 10 tips to maximize the value of your live event. 

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Topics: Content Metrics and Analytics, Content Marketing, Demand Generation, Content Creation

Why a content framework is only half the story

Posted by Paul Costanza

June 10, 2014

Recently, a few of us were on a call with a marketing prospect. The prospect mentioned that they intended to conduct a competitive review to find out how their content stacked up against their competition. We were excited to hear this. Yet, as we delved deeper into what that review would include, we realized that the prospect was only going to have about half of the information they would need to execute against the broader business goals of repositioning the brand and driving leads into the sales organization.  

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